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I would like to see more enforcement of cars parked illegally in bike lanes, as well as ‘no parking signs’ along ALL bike lanes. Bike lanes and shoulders with debris/parked cars are dangerous and costly to cyclists. They increase the chances of falling, or getting a flat/blow-out.

Most cyclists know how costly, time-consuming and inconvenient this is. To avoid getting a flat, or to get around larger obstacles, cyclists are often forced into car traffic, which endangers lives. Despite complaints to the city, there hasn’t been consistent enforcement of these lanes/shoulders. Please act to get these bikeways enforced consistently.

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5 thoughts on “Sign petition for clear and clean bike lanes

  1. I think the language needs to change from parked cars to parked motorized vehicles, this would includes rental scooters and bikes.

  2. I have called 311 many times to ask for bike lanes to be cleaned, and they typically get completed. Bike lanes need a REGULAR street sweeping. Also, so many park in the bike lane that cyclists are forced into the road because of the cars. PLEASE ENFORCE THIS!

  3. I strictly concurr. These bike lanes are a joke. There is a hardly visible whiteline to divide automobile traffic and a hardly visible bike emblam to distinguish lanes. Take in consideration the type and color of the tarmac. It’s grey and in some areas black. When we drive over white lines they get greyed out also. I have been riding for over thirteen years non stop and since then I have been to several cities with distinguishable bike lanes. As a growing pedestrian and cycling city we need to look at what other cities are doing and follow the same path or a similar one. We shouldn’t have to wait until a person dies to take action. Moreso, we need better driver awareness and police action. I have seen too many drivers pass on bike lanes and turn from bike lanes when they shouldnt!!

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