Sign petition for clear and clean bike lanes

Sign petition for clear and clean bike lanes

I would like to see more enforcement of cars parked illegally in bike lanes, as well as ‘no parking signs’ along ALL bike lanes. Bike lanes and shoulders with debris/parked cars are dangerous and costly to cyclists. They increase the chances of falling, or getting a flat/blow-out.

Most cyclists know how costly, time-consuming and inconvenient this is. To avoid getting a flat, or to get around larger obstacles, cyclists are often forced into car traffic, which endangers lives. Despite complaints to the city, there hasn’t been consistent enforcement of these lanes/shoulders. Please act to get these bikeways enforced consistently.

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Clear Bike Lanes


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  • Jose Pargas | Jan 18,2019

    I stopped riding my to work because of all the debris in bike lanes.

  • Michelle Geyer | Feb 27,2019

    I have called 311 many times to ask for bike lanes to be cleaned, and they typically get completed. Bike lanes need a REGULAR street sweeping. Also, so many park in the bike lane that cyclists are forced into the road because of the cars. PLEASE ENFORCE THIS!

  • Matt Martinez | Mar 18,2019

    The bike lanes in San Antonio are a joke. Cars, glass, gravel, trash….. shame on this city!

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