Broadway Street Analysis

Yesterday we walked down Broadway with MIG Urban Designer Mukul. We learned that there are many areas of Broadway that allow for extra room, not necessarily notated on the street design schematics. For instance, there are buildings that are set back further than their property lines, which give more room for sidewalk and bike lane space. Under I-35 there is a center turn lane that turns into nothing, which can be removed and added to the sides to create a protected bike lane. Analyzing the street in person is an invaluable necessity we plan to continue while working towards a Broadway complete street.

Mukul informed us about the Indianapolis Cultural Trail that is an 8-mile bike and walk path through the city. It has points of interest along the way connecting some of Indy’s most popular cultural institutions. Something like this in SA could draw tourists out of the downtown areas to activate and enliven other areas of the city that are economically depressed. It could also provide safe and convenient ways for locals to travel while getting exercise.


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