Who We Are

Katie Nickas, Secretary

My favorite place to ride a bicycle in San Antonio is Broadway Street. Whether I’m looking for a straight route to downtown or want a quick connection between Avenue B and Brackenridge Park, the Texas 368 Loop holds possibility for multimodal transportation. It has up to six lanes running north and south in both directions on the busier parts, plus a central turn lane and countless intersecting streets that will take me to other neighborhoods. The accessibility and location in the center of the city makes it a natural conduit for navigating to other parts of town. I’ve ridden Broadway many times as a San Antonio resident—more than any other street. My experience of living there would not have been the same without knowing I could hop on a bike and take Broadway to get where I was going. The posted speed limit on the section north of Hildebrand Avenue is 30 miles per hour and 35 from Hildebrand to downtown. I’d like to see it stay that speed. Any faster would make it hazardous for drivers, cyclists, everyone. I also think that one lane on each side of the street that’s designated for motorists should become a protected bike lane so that people can travel safely along Broadway by bicycle.