Install The Tito Bradshaw Memorial Bikeway on Houston or Commerce St.

Local entrepreneur Tito Bradshaw was hit and killed on E Houston St at N Palmetto while riding his bicycle early Monday morning (video). He was taken to the hospital in critical condition with a serious head injury, and pronounced brain dead Monday afternoon. Tito was a pillar in the San Antonio cycling community, a bike shop owner, a community activist, a loving father and a faithful friend.

This tragedy could have easily been prevented if there was a safe E – W bike route. The official bike route is on Paso Hondo, but cyclists prefer not to take neighborhood streets because it’s a pain to have to stop at every intersection, the street quality is usually worse, there is more chance of being chased and bit by dogs, and the lighting is usually worse.

We need to build a complete, efficient, convenient, interconnected and safe bike network in San Antonio! People who chose transportation that reduces pollution, traffic, crashes and increases well being should be accommodated and rewarded, not risk injury and their lives just to get around.

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