Meet Bike San Antonio

Tina Beecham, Vice President

Hi, I’m Tina Beecham, VP at Bike San Antonio. I joined Bike San Antonio in 2021, bringing a passion for cycling and community engagement to the organization. With a strong background in bike leadership, advocacy and group ride coordination, I quickly became an active member, advocating for safer and more accessible bike infrastructure in San Antonio. I have been involved in promoting initiatives that enhance bike safety and accessibility.

My Black Girls Do Bike leadership in organizing group rides has strengthened community bonds and encouraged more people to embrace cycling as a sustainable mode of transportation and fitness. My efforts have helped to foster a vibrant and sustainable cycling culture in the city, making a positive impact on both the local community and the environment.

Katie Nickas, Secretary

I joined Bike San Antonio in 2018 to get involved in helping improve the city’s bike infrastructure.

My favorite place to ride a bicycle in San Antonio is Broadway Street. Whether I’m looking for a straight route to downtown or want a quick connector between Avenue B and Brackenridge Park, its location in the center of the city, plus the fact that there are six lanes of traffic running both north and south in either direction on the busier part and many intersecting streets and lanes, makes the Broadway corridor accessible to other parts of town.

I ride Broadway all the time—more than any other street. The posted speed limit on the section north of Hildebrand Avenue is 30 miles per hour, and it’s 35 from Hildebrand to downtown. I’d like to see it stay that speed. Any faster would make it hazardous for drivers, cyclists, everyone. Broadway needs a protected bike lane running in each direction so that people can travel along there safely by bike.